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Planning a Cornwall Wedding? Celebrating Special Moments with Kernow Gold

Jewellery holds a unique power to capture moments, emotions, and memories. With Kernow Gold, you can make these moments even more special, be it an engagement, wedding, or an anniversary. Our ethically sourced gold pieces, combined with the craftsmanship of our Cornwall-based goldsmith, ensure your chosen jewellery reflects your story in the most meaningful way.

wedding ring cornwall

Your Cornwall Wedding: A Symbol of Unity

Cornwall, with its rugged coastlines and rich history, has been a dreamy backdrop for countless love stories. As you embark on your own tale in this enchanting region, what better way to commemorate it than with Cornish handmade wedding rings? At Kernow Gold, whether you're selecting from our handpicked jewellery range or commissioning a bespoke piece, you're choosing a unique blend of artistry and ethics.

wedding ring cornwall

The Perfect Engagement Ring

Proposing in or being inspired by the heart of Cornwall calls for an equally romantic engagement ring. Our goldsmith, known for his meticulous attention to detail, crafts every ring to embody the love it represents. Though the gold is no longer mined in Cornwall, the spirit of the region comes alive in every Cornish gold ring we offer, marked distinctly with a Cornish hallmark and presented in a Kernow Gold box.

wedding ring cornwall

Handmade Wedding Bands: A Testament to Timeless Commitment

wedding ring cornwall

In the whirlwind of a wedding, every detail matters. Your wedding bands shouldn't be an exception. Our handmade wedding bands not only stand as symbols of your everlasting bond but also echo the values you hold dear. Ethical, beautiful, and crafted with passion – these bands, touched by the essence of Cornwall, are treasures waiting to be part of your love story.

Bridesmaid and Flower Girl Jewellery

wedding jewellery cornwall

While wedding and engagement rings often take center stage, Kernow Gold offers a range of other jewellery fit for your special day. From delicate pieces for flower girls to intricate designs for bridesmaids and family members, you can ensure that everyone feels cherished during your celebration.

Commemorating Anniversaries with Kernow Gold

Anniversaries are cherished milestones, each representing another year of shared memories, dreams, and growth. Traditionally, each anniversary is symbolized by different materials, with tin representing the 10th anniversary. To honor this tradition, Kernow Gold crafts exquisite items inlaid with genuine Cornish tin, serving as a beautiful nod to a decade of unity and shared moments.

But our commitment to celebrating love doesn't stop at a decade. For every milestone, be it your first or fiftieth anniversary, Kernow Gold offers a range of jewellery options, ensuring you have the perfect piece to mark each significant year.

As you celebrate life's pivotal moments, let Kernow Gold's creations be the keepsakes that you'll cherish forever.

handmade wedding rings cornwall
White Gold with Cornish tin band Wedding ring Commission

Crafting Your Bespoke Treasure: How to Begin with Kernow Gold

When you're marking a pivotal moment in your journey of love, a generic piece just won't do. You need something custom, a bespoke treasure that tells your unique story. Kernow Gold is here to translate that story into stunning jewellery.

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Understanding Your Vision

Every bespoke piece begins with a discussion. Reach out to us to share your inspiration, be it a design you've always envisioned or just the emotions you want your jewellery to capture. Whether you're looking for wedding rings, an engagement ring, or any other jewellery, your vision is our starting point.

Selecting Materials

Our commitment to sustainability means we prioritize recycled precious metals like white gold and platinum. Choose from ethical gemstones and diamonds to add that perfect sparkle to your piece. Every metal we use is hallmarked, assuring you of its authenticity and quality.

Designing Your Dream Piece

Our design process is thorough, ensuring every ring, or pair of rings, truly represents your love and commitment. Whether you want a sleek white gold band, a classic platinum piece inlaid with diamonds, or something truly unique, our expert designers will bring it to life.

Craftsmanship That Speaks

Every piece is handmade, embodying the essence of Cornwall and the meticulous craftsmanship Kernow Gold is known for. From handmade wedding rings to intricate necklaces, the result is always a piece you'll treasure forever.

wedding ring cornwall

FAQs: Wedding Rings Cornwall

What metals do you work with?

We offer a variety of options to cater to your preferences, including yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Genuine Cornish tin can be used as an inlay in these harder metals.

Can I get a custom design that's not a ring?

Absolutely! While engagement and wedding rings are popular choices, we craft all kinds of jewellery. Share your vision, and we'll create your bespoke treasure.

Ready to begin? Contact Kernow Gold, and let's create a timeless symbol of your love

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