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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Ethical Gold Jewellery

Purchasing a piece of jewellery, be it necklaces or wedding rings, isn't just about the aesthetic appeal. In a world where sustainability is paramount, ethical gold jewellery stands out as a responsible choice. Here are five crucial questions to guide you in making a conscious decision.

ethical gold jewellery

1. How are the Gold and Other Materials Sourced?

The term 'ethically sourced' is paramount in the world of jewellery. Does the brand ensure that their gold and stones, including natural diamonds and pearls, are ethically and sustainably sourced? Ethical gold jewellery should have a clear lineage, ensuring that the materials, whether they are recycled metals or responsibly sourced materials, come from sources that uphold the best environmental and social practices.

2. Does the Brand Use Recycled Metals and Materials?

Sustainable jewellery brands often prioritize recycled precious metals and recycled materials to minimize their environmental footprint. Before making a purchase, find out if the brand employs skilled artisans who work with recycled gold or other metals. Using recycled materials not only reduces the demand for new mining but also stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to sustainability.

ethical gold jewellery

3. How Transparent is the Brand About Their Ethical Commitments?

Ethical gold jewellery is as much about transparency as it is about beauty. Does the brand provide clear information about their sourcing practices, emphasizing conflict-free diamonds or local gemstones upon request? A genuine commitment to ethically sourced and responsibly sourced materials should be easily discernible and communicated.

4. How Does the Brand Uphold Ethical Working Conditions?

The brand's commitment to ethical practices should also extend to its artisans. With Kernow Gold's goldsmith, a skilled craftsman based in Cornwall, you can be assured of exemplary working conditions, minimal carbon footprint, and a keen focus on creating handmade pieces that exude craftsmanship. The brand's ethos should resonate with fair and empowering practices.

ethical gold jewellery

5. What's the Long-Term Value of Ethical Gold Jewellery?

When investing in a piece of ethical gold jewellery, consider its longevity. Does the brand ensure that their pieces are not just trendy but also timeless in design? Moreover, how does the brand ensure the durability of its items? Ethical jewellery, crafted with care and attention to detail, should not only be a reflection of your values but also a lasting heirloom that can be cherished for generations.

Key Features of Ethical Gold Jewellery:

  • Ethically and sustainably sourced materials.

  • Use of recycled metals and materials.

  • Transparency about ethical commitments.

  • Upholding ethical working conditions.

  • Providing long-term value and durability.

Benefits of Choosing Ethical Gold Jewellery:

  • Supports sustainable and responsible mining practices.

  • Reduces environmental footprint.

  • Promotes fair labor practices.

  • Reflects personal values on sustainability.

  • Ensures a lasting heirloom for generations.

By asking these essential questions, you're not just investing in a piece of jewellery but aligning with values that prioritize both the planet and its people. When you wear ethical gold jewellery, it's a shimmering statement of your style and your stand on sustainability.

Ethical Gold Jewellery

Ethical Gold Jewellery vs. Traditional Jewellery

Frequently Asked Questions: Ethical Gold Jewellery

What does 'ethically sourced' mean for your brand?

Ethically sourced means that our materials, from gold to gemstones, are obtained responsibly, ensuring fair wages for workers, minimal environmental impact, and no engagement with conflict zones. We also prioritize empowering women throughout our supply chain, from the mines to the market.

How do you ensure the sustainability of your jewellery pieces?

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just sourcing. We utilize recycled materials whenever possible, reduce wastage in our production process, and design our jewellery, including necklaces, with a timeless appeal to ensure they remain relevant for generations.

What steps does Kernow Gold take to empower women in the jewellery industry?

Empowering women is at the heart of Kernow Gold. As a woman-owned company, led by a busy working mother, we understand the importance of championing women's rights and roles in the industry. We collaborate with artisan communities and organizations that prioritize women's leadership and skill development. Furthermore, we make it a point to support and engage with initiatives that offer fair wages and opportunities to women in the broader jewellery industry.

Do you offer sustainable necklace options?

Yes, we offer a range of sustainable necklaces crafted with ethically sourced materials. These pieces reflect our commitment to both style and sustainability, ensuring you can wear them with pride and peace of mind.

How does Kernow Gold ensure fair wages in its supply chain?

Fair wages are a non-negotiable standard for us. We diligently vet our suppliers and partners to ensure they adhere to fair wage practices. Moreover, by crafting our jewellery in Cornwall, we maintain a direct relationship with our skilled goldsmith, ensuring fair compensation for his meticulous craftsmanship.

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