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Where is Kernow Gold located?

Located in the far West of Cornwall, Kernow Gold offers bespoke jewellery designed and made in Cornwall, and a carefully chosen range of 9ct Gold jewellery from our trusted UK designers.


Is Gold Mined in Cornwall?

We are often asked to source Gold mined in Cornwall, but this is extremely rare as there are no current gold operations in the area.  Gold is present amongst some tin seams that have been located, but it is not commercially extracted at the present date.  Many of Cornwall's rivers have small amounts of gold present, which can be salvaged by panning for gold in these secret local hotspots.  There is always the chance that a nugget large enough for jewellery may be found, but we haven’t found one yet!


Are Kernow Gold Jewellery Commissions Made from Cornish Gold?

If you're seeking Cornish Gold, nevertheless, our unique commissions are completely designed and made from scratch in Cornwall, UK, from Fairtrade Gold and feature a Cornish maker's hallmark.

What Does Kernow Mean?

Kernow is the Cornish word for Cornwall. The Cornish language (Kernewek) dates back to pre-Roman times and the Celts who inhabited Cornwall. The Cornish language faded out towards the end of the 18th century but it has made a comeback in the last century. 

Our Contact Details:
Phone: 07713973886


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